They appear simple on the surface But many are unable to get how to use them properly the first time.

In the video on this site, the host provides instructions on how to apply knee support hoses correctly. To safeguard her fingers and ensure that the stockings do not rub against the skin, first she puts gloves on. Then, she stretches the stocking’s opening, and then slides it beneath her feet. These gloves assist her to slide the stocking up her calf. It is important to stop once she’s about two fingers away from the fold the knee.

If the support socks are put on, it’s important to make sure that compression is equally distributed. The host rubs her gloves over the support stockings in order to make sure that compression is distributed evenly.

If you find this approach to be too hard, the video provides other methods as well. Try them out and find out if you benefit from wearing knee high support the hose. dmvybgq2q4.

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