While it’s exciting to get started but it’s important to make a plan, and to seek guidance from people who have done this before. In this video, you will learn the basic principles of starting an organization, as well as how to manage your community and what you need to do.

The video will demonstrate how to get an Minecraft server hosting package and how to choose one so you do not get lost. It’ll give you tips and things you should keep in mind. Once it is set up it is time to determine what type of community you would like to create. It is possible to think about the mission, goals, and how many players you would like to attract. Make sure to label it and start a Discord server. The tutorial will help you understand how to screen the players prior to allowing them on the server, including using an application. In time, it may be necessary to make changes to your server as new players sign up. gdoyemg7wo.

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