There’s been no game quite like this. Mario was the adored plumber in the Super Mario games. In this video, you will discover some facts you did not know about Mario.

There is a chance that you don’t know however “Super Mario Bros. 2” actually is the second installment. It was actually a reskin of a game that was not actually. The reason for this was that Super Mario Bros 2 was too complex for American players. However, it was later made available as “Super Mario Bros – The Lost Levels.”

You may not have known it, but Super Mario has a movie. It’s not widely known neither is it particularly great. Strangely, Tom Hanks was actually turned down to play Mario as he wasn’t sufficiently well-known in the moment.

Mario’s strong head is commonly misinterpreted since he seems to break blocks by fists. Actually, he smashes blocks using his fist. You can see his jumping video closely, and you’ll see that his fist is always in the air. It’s the same his jumps when he wants to break blocks.


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