to show the builder how they can use the fabrication of metal to address an organization issue within the garage.

In the beginning, create straight cuts on the sheet of metal. The video depicts how the cut using angles grinder. The angle iron is clamped to sheet metal as a guide. The easiest way to cut straight cuts on your grinder by applying slight pressure.

Then Tim creates cut lines with the speed square. You can quickly wipe off any mistakes with acetone, then you can begin again. Utilize different colors to determine the color markers used for bends and straight lines.

It will be an angle that is 90 degrees when creating pans, boxes, or similar. This is the point where the steel must be bent. There must be a little relief around the corners otherwise it can be sagging. It is possible to achieve this by drilling holes right in the corner. Make use of a center-punch to create a divot all the places you need holes. hrfvc7ojor.

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