If the sink isn’t properly connected, it may cause issues. It is an essential part of your kitchen. How would you live without it? Most likely, the drain won’t be unplugged by itself. If you call a trusted plumber, however it could take several days until your drain will be fixed. In this video, we will learn some hacks to quickly unplug your drain in your home before dinner.

If you’ve got some cup plungers lying around, use it like that of a flanger plunger for unplugging the drain. Make sure you don’t utilize the same plunger as you do for your toilet. If you do not have a plunger, take the coat hanger made of metal and straighten it. Create a small cut on the end and stick it inside the drain. It is possible to feel the cloggage, and then yank out. And then you’ll have your drain operating as like new. All it takes is a bit of imagination.


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