YouTube video “THE Best Types of Window Shades,” Sandra Chavez gives an overview of the different varieties of window shade.

The Roman shade comes first with its distinctive folds that stack evenly onto each other as soon as they are opened. This shade is customizable and adds elegance to any area. But it’s not suited for bathrooms since it encourages the growth of mildew.

Another form of shade for windows is the roller shade. The roller shade is made consisting of either fabric or vinyl that’s rolled around the tube that runs through the window. This is a simple window that is stylish. It can also be fitted by putting curtains on top. This unit is affordable.

Solar shades are a different variation of window shades. It block UV rays and sunlight glare and is similar in appearance to the roller shades. One of the major drawbacks to this shade is the loss of privacy in the nighttime due to increased visibility.

There’s also the cellular shade. It’s constructed from two fabrics with air pockets. It’s energy efficient and is suitable for homes with kids, however, it’s delicate and is not very easy to clean.


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