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Prior to contacting local shredding firms Small businesses should be certain of the items they will keep and never shred. This could be the financial and pension records as well as information on capital stock. Keep these documents protected and store them inside a cabinet.

Some documents fall under the”keep it for a few months” then shred category. These are tax documents, healthcare information, employees’ information and even past client contracts. In order to ensure that you are in compliance you should seek legal advice from your advisors before shredding any of these documents.

An annual staff training session about data security needs to be a part of the daily routine to immediately identify what documents need shredding. To minimize the need for storage in physical form, smaller businesses can work with local shredding firms to secure sensitive data.

Shredding firms located in your vicinity need to immediately erase any information that identify customers, or divulge the core operations of their company.
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