financing. This video explains is the difference and whether one of them is more beneficial in comparison to another.

The rate of interest is the sum which must be repaid using money borrowed. If the rate of interest is fixed, it doesn’t change for the life of the loan. It’s simple and predictable. Interest rates that are variable can alter in the course of repaying the loan. It is usually tied to an international standard interest rate like LIBOR.

There’s a wealth of details about international interest rates that you could or should not research on your own. This isn’t really relevant to your loan. It is important to know is that both variable and fixed interest rates are not controlled by either you or the loan provider. It is a completely independent measuring.

Fixed rates are usually an excellent option if the rates are particularly high or at the midpoint of. Fixed interest rates could be the best option for those who believe that interest rates are likely to increase. The details can be found in the video below.


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