They are harmful to food and the environment. They are employed in agriculture for a myriad of reasons, including cultivation and soil protection. Soil and crop protection are among the main uses for plastics in agriculture science.

The plastic papers that are placed on the soil will have holes that can be used for planting. The planting method ensures that the soil’s moisture will not be lost. Plastics can be utilized to cover plants and enhance their growth.

The continued use of plastics for agricultural science causes an environmental as well as food-related pollution. Most of the plastics will be used only for an entire season. In the end, these plastics end getting dumped into the ocean, and then into waste bins. It is crucial for the agricultural sector to develop reuseable plastics. Researchers have also found food products, the digestive system of humans, and pregnancies. Thus, the utilization of plastics in agriculture affects humans today as well as in the future. Therefore, there is necessity to limit the number of plastics employed in the agricultural sciences.

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