If your well is not more than 25 feet beneath the ground, you can use the shallow jet pump. If your well is 110 feet deep, opt for an adjustable depth well pump.
The other thing you should consider is whether the pump will provide enough water to meet the requirements of your family. Verify that your pump’s Gallons per minute (GPM) will suffice during busy times. Although there aren’t any hard and quick guidelines, six to 12 GPM is sufficient for houses with a single family.

Check the water pressure, measured in pounds per square inches (PSI). To determine the right PSI for your household, check the PSI guidelines for water-using equipment such as washers, dishwashers and sprinkler systems. Generally, a standard 1/2 horsepower pump will be adequate for the majority of homes.

Though you need a pump adequate enough to handle the water requirements, avoid from purchasing an oversized one as it can cause energy inefficiencies and performance. If you are planning to install the latest appliances in your home then the pump needs be replaced by one with greater power. frf48ccz4v.

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