Synthesis of proteins within the epidermal layer of the skin. It protects collagen from degrading and UV radiation-induced damage. The treatment also reduces pigmentation, reduces wrinkles, smooths skin and improves the hair’s sebum production. This gives hair a healthy, soft appearance.
Omega 3 fatty-acids

The most popular reason for them is their capacity to support the brain and heart, however, they provide significant advantages for maintaining healthful hair, skin and nails. They’ve been found to protect the body from harmful UV rays and minimize the appearance of acne. Additionally, they can help reduce dryness, irritation and other signs of skin irritation.


Iron is among the top diets that promotes well-maintained skin, hair and nails. It is the protein that circulates blood and tissues all over the body. It promotes growth of hair. A lack of iron levels within the body could negatively impact the appearance of the hair, skin and nails. Dark skin, hair loss, thinning and weak nails are indicators of iron deficiency.


Astaxanthin, one of the antioxidants that improves skin health by concentrating in the dermis. It can help protect the body from harmful UV rays. Cellular damage could be the cause of many problems like premature ageing as well as severe inflammation. You should include antioxidants in your diet for beautiful, healthy skin.


It is an important trace mineral which promotes collagen production. It has been demonstrated as a way to increase the keratin structure in order which helps to maintain skin firmness. may boost hair and nail thickness and toughness.

Vitamin K2

While strengthening our bones, vitamin K2 also aids in preventing bruises as well as improving our skin’s health. Receiving a proper amount of vitamin K2 aids in speedier healing and reduces the risk of bruising by building up the capillaries in weak areas that break and pool blood b


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