Compatible parts for other vehicles. This video will explain everything you have to know about EOM parts.

What are OEM Parts? OEM Parts?

OEM stands for initials of the original equipment manufacturer. They’re original pieces that were developed through direct contact with the maker. It is also possible to produce them by a respected company after they have been designed by the vehicle’s original manufacturers. Whichever the case, the manufacturing company aims to ensure the consumers have access to their vehicle’s components whenever they need them.

People may be curious on why insurance companies don’t like OEM components or why they charge more to purchase OEM parts. It’s not a problem with the truth that OEM components are of the highest assured quality of any vehicle.

Insurance might have logical reasons for not vouching for OEM parts. Insurance companies want to see the vehicle repaired so you are driving once more. They would like to see your car fixed as quickly and cheaply as you can. As they’re familiar with the expensive characteristics of OEM parts they will often recommend cheaper alternative options. That said, you should always prioritize EOM parts when repairing your vehicle.


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