alternative, but how do you know when your furnace is in need of repairs or replacing? Below are a few indicators of both.

Modern-day furnaces can last fifteen up to twenty years, if maintained. Over the course of its time, certain components may require replacing. There are many parts that make up an furnace, and if they fail, it is costly to repair. The cost can be high to repair one gas valve or 2-stage gas valve. There is a possibility of spending more than $1,000 to replace for the valves with modulation. If you encounter a situation like this, you may consider replacing your furnacerather than fixing it.

The other example is heat exchangers. With a warranty, the price is a manageable $1,500 up to $2,000. With no warranty, price can increase to around $3500. A new furnace can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $7,500. Replacing one element of your furnace can cost less than most expensive furnaces.

If your furnace repairs are excessively expensive, think about buying a new furnace. If an element of the furnace can be reasonably priced to repair, then you could use it to purchase another heating repair.


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