What’s the definition of Memory Care?

Memory care provides assisted living that is available to people suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other related memory disorders. It is a type of assisted living and comes with numerous advantages. Many of them offer comprehensive care to patients. Memory Care could be an ideal choice to help those who have problems with memory.

What is the Difference Between the two types of care?

Memory Care offers similar services similar to assisted living like housekeeping and three meals per each day. However the Memory Care generally costs more than Assisted Living because it provides more extensive, 24/7 care that keeps patients protected and healthy. The structure of Memory Care facilities is also built with lock locks and keys for security reasons to safeguard residents. Memory Care can provide a wide range of services like music and animal therapy. The residents are also assisted through support groups to help to feel comfortable and loved.

For further information about memory care, watch the video that we’ve linked above.


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