Maintenance may seem costly due to supply chain difficulties for the steel foundry industry. In oil firms that are cash strapped it may be difficult to justify maintenance.

Offshore rigs do have numerous advantages, including their ability to provide preemptive maintenance. These are just a few of the many reasons that oil companies must engage in the maintenance of offshore rigs:

To ensure safety

The Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries shows that 489 oil or gas workers lost their lives between 2014 and 2017. Some accidents may not be related to maintenance, aging equipment and inadequate maintenance can cause such accidents. Put maintenance off may make a difference in the cost of repairs however, no loss to a human could be more valuable than any financial gains.

Imagine a rig worker who puts industrial welding on hold for a loose fitting or a wobbly rail and hurting an employee. Human life will be more costly. Oil companies have to employ offshore maintenance services in order to ensure the safety of workers. Offshore oil rig maintenance also decreases environmental risks like fires, which can hurt workers working in oil rigs. The NH3 control system is also beneficial to prevent potential hazards to marine life and the workers in the form of ammonia.

Reducing Costs for Companies

A proactive approach to maintenance on rigs will help oil companies reduce human suffering, time as well as capital expenses. Surveying marine diesel, for example, will help to find issues before they become serious. The unplanned downtime of a system can result in disruptions during operations, leaving workers with no work. The company will have to pay more for repairs as compared to regular maintenance.

Improved drilling performance

Poor or malfunctioning aspects like leaky hoses and fittings can only hinder the performance. There are times when workers have to temporarily stop production in order to repair an issue with a fitting. This can put the lives of workers in danger. They can interrupt production and efficiency, even if breaks in the work process are short.


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