The defendant can travel within the jurisdiction of the court unless the judge has set restrictions. The judge has to give permission for the defendant to go beyond their area of jurisdiction. They may need provide financial guarantees or give up their passport.

The defendant is also required to still adhere to other conditions of their release, such as appearing for all scheduled court appearances or meetings with victims or witnesses, as well as abstaining from any criminal activities. Bail could be cancelled when the defendant fails to adhere to the terms of their release, and are able to be returned to custody.

While someone can travel after the posting of bail, they have to adhere to any terms and conditions stipulated by the court and must be able to fulfill obligations up until the time their case is settled. If they fail to comply, it could have their bail removed, and the person could get detained.

A higher level of assurance could be demanded by bail bondsmen in the case of bail. It is possible that you will need the co-signer as well as provide additional collateral, particularly if you could be considered to be risky for flight. Think about the risks you could face, and speak with a lawyer.


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