The Government of Iceland has committed aid to those affected by the earthquake. DWB will play a vital role in the earthquake relief and recovery efforts.
12. Care

CARE provides earthquake victims of Turkey with relief supplies as well as assistance and support to build and rebuild. Local partners of ours are working with us with earthquake relief. This includes food, water , and shelter. We also provide long-term support for people to build their lives as well as businesses. The aim is to aid those affected by the earthquake to rebuild and recover their lives and prevent further destruction to life as well as damage to properties.

13. International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) aids earthquake victims in Turkey by providing them with vital earthquake relief as well as assistance. IRC collaborates with its other partners and the Turkish government to provide earthquake relief for those who are affected. The IRC provides meals, water, and health aid to those in need. They are also trying to assist people in rebuilding their homes and their livelihoods. You can also work closely with the IRC if you’re building homes providing shelter for victims. We’ll keep helping those affected by this tragedy until they are fully recovered.

14. Turkish Red Crescent

The Turkish Red Crescent has more than 240 workers and a large number of volunteers that are on working on the ground to help those who’ve been affected through the earthquake. It is working in the zones affected to clean up trash and other garbage so individuals can begin rebuilding their lives. Red Crescent also provides psychological aid to those affected by the catastrophe. The Red Cross provides emotional and psychological support to people who have family members who were forced to relocate and those who have lost family members, and people who are suffering physically.

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