Win the next street race The coatings designed by Ic are intended to help protect the original paint. They prevent wear and tear from weather conditions as well as protect the car from UV rays and shine it. Aerodynamic paint coating does much more. Aerodynamic paint coatings are created to reduce drag in racing. The goal is helping you speed up and be more efficient in winning the race.
9. Access useful items

It is important to be at ease when you’re in motion, and this is what your long-held desire to take home the next race. Auto accessories can be a big help in providing convenience and comfort for you to achieve the best performance while traveling. The auto accessory shop has diverse accessories that will meet your requirements.

For example, a phone mount holder can help you monitor your GPS while keeping your hands off the driving wheel. An USB car charger installed right next the seat of the driver ensures that the battery of your smartphone doesn’t go out at the time it’s needed. An emergency kit with all emergency supplies is handy should you encounter an sudden tragedy. Below are some additional essential equipment to be considered.

Display of the head-up gear Dashcam Rearview camera, Dashcam and Car performance monitor. Air freshener. The GPS indicator. Map 10. Have plenty of gas in the go

The last thing you want is the distraction from a warning light for fuel indicating that there is a shortage of fuel in the middle of the race. Imagine your car not starting during the race due to the fact that the fuel has ran out. It will be a loss. In addition, low capacity of the fuel tank can damage the car’s engine.

There is a risk of harm to your vehicle when you allow the engine to flush the fuel prior to filling up your tank. Tank sludge can build up in the tank’s bottom, causing engine problems. Low fuel tanks can cause various other parts of the car to fail.

Your car that is stuck at the end of the runway due to low fuel could also


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