Take a look at your flooring and it determines whether it is necessary to hire excavating companies to assist with the new floor installation.

If you’re replacing your existing flooring with the same kind of material there is no needed to complete a significant amount of flooring preparation. If, for instance, you don’t want to take down the existing wall-to-wall carpet in one room, you could leave this part out. If your flooring is to be placed over another material or you’re installing engineered/laminate wooden products over concrete, this step can be skipped. It is typical to eliminate any flooring currently in place and then put in a vapor barrier.

It’s essential to make sure that you get rid of all carpeting. This is no matter if the plan is to lay new flooring over flooring or tiles, or simply on over vinyl. If you don’t have a subfloor or tiles then it is easy to take off ceramic tiles. You may also need baseboards removed from corners , where angles floor meet walls.

If you find that glue residue is still attached to the floor, prepare the floor with an adhesive remover , and let it rest for several minutes. Clean up the glue-covered areas with mineral spirits in an air-conditioned area. When these steps are complete then your flooring is ready to be laid directly upon top of the old.

Wood floor installation is simple. The only thing you need to do is paint the walls as well as repair any fractures in the wall. It’s not possible to chemically treat wooden floors. Therefore, it is important to remove all remains of finishes or varnishes. Make a mix of 3 parts water , and 1 part mineral spirits to wash the floor. Use steel wool to remove scratches and scuff marks in flooring. They is sanded if t 7pngq5wtl4.

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