The majority of people who are part of the firearm community are part of it for some time so some of those rules are ingrained in them But what are the not-so-clear rules for gun shops? First, gun shop employees are aware that it is possible to not know what you’re looking for while visiting the gun store. The majority of what you are looking for will not be found until someone suggests it to you. What gun shop owners is looking for from the potential buyer is fundamental understanding of security. You need to be alert to your surroundings whenever shooting with a gun even if it’s not loaded. Some firearms may malfunction or cause injuries to someone without the intention of intentionally doing so. Additionally, if a gun is being displayed there is a chance that it is possible that a customer loaded the gun with no awareness. Security is the primary concern. The issue of gun safety is one that the gun community welcomes and urges everyone to know about.

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