This video gives an overview of the Department of Transportation (DOT), explaining what he is seeking in a truck inspection.

Drivers will be required to examine and familiarize themselves with their truck. The driver is interviewed first before conducting the inspection. This is the main element to be aware of when you are a driver.

The officer is expected to go through the doors and inspect inside the vehicle. Officers will seek to know about the life and living life for the person driving the truck. He’ll be able to observe the activities in the truck and in particular if it is a case of alcohol or drugs. The officers look over the floorboards. Officers also touch the driver’s hand, trying to connect. The officer also looks at the gauges. According to the office, if they see burned marks on the floors or seats, it is probable that the driver has used pot. The above items as well as many more can be learned during a an inspection of trucks. nql7y5ltwb.

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