These entities can be held responsible for any injury caused from defective goods.

Tor law is at the heart of the law on product liability. The term “tort” refers to an action or omission which causes injury or harm for which courts can impose legal liability. It’s further subdivided in two groups which are damages and injuries. In the tort field, you can find three stages in intent. The three levels of intent are negligent, intentional, and strict liability. Liability must cover both intentional or negligent actions in many cases. Anyone in the chain of distribution could be considered to be liable. The manufacturer, distributor retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers are all liable.

Product liability may be based on four different bases. This includes design faults or manufacturing faults and also failure to inform.

An attorney that specializes in product liability could help find out if one of these bases is applicable for your particular product. There are various requirements for every base. This can be helpful in the case of product liability. m4q22b1u1h.

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